How to integrate social media into your print advertising campaign

The Internet has changed the world of advertising forever and the rise in social media continues to change the ways in which we can reach out to customers.

But that being said, physical advertising is still important, as it can reach areas that online advertising can’t. To produce a successful campaign, online advertising must be embraced, but not at the expense of print. Both are of equal importance and it is integral to your campaign to learn how to combine the two.

Social media is widely available and reaches a huge audience very quickly, whilst being an incredibly cost effective way of advertising. If used properly with your print advertising it can rapidly increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

Essentially the simplest way to link the two is to direct all your print back to your social media. If you can capture the interest of potential customers and clients through print advertising, they will visit your social media to find out more.

To do this, include social buttons with accompanying details on all your print advertising. This way potential customers are not only aware that you are on social media, but through the integration of the URL or profile name next to the icons, can easily find you. These are part of your contact details now, and in the way that you wouldn’t leave out a phone number or e-mail address, it is important to allow easy access to your social media.

As business cards are handed out to inform key people of your details, make sure that the social elements are included on here. You can design your Helloprint Business Cards online, with over 10,000 designs available or the option to upload your own artwork, you are sure to find the right one for your business.

Within your print advertising give people a reason to go onto your social media, by letting them know what you do. A perfect but simple thing to include on your print adverting is, ‘Follow us on Twitter’, or ‘Like us on Facebook.’

Then use your print advertising to promote competitions or giveaways that are on your social media; for example, Instagram is the perfect place to get customers tagging pictures and videos of themselves using your products.

This can then link back to your website where viewers vote for their favourite. Likewise, if you want to hold a Q & A session to start conversations with your customers, use your print advertising to encourage them to, ‘Join the Conversation’.

Launching a hashtag campaign is a great way to get people talking and at the same time an easy way for you to follow what is being said. Big brands use social media to make their campaigns go further, and are examples of how creating a long-lasting unique hashtag can then consistently be used throughout advertising campaigns.

The #LidlSurprises campaign was initially launched to start changing perceptions of the supermarket. They now use the hashtag when talking to customers and for competitions, as well as ensuring their TV, print and in-store promotions all sport the hashtag. They have supported their offline campaign even further by using tweets from customers as in-store advertising.

Finally, using social media to find out where your target market spends their offline time will tell you the best places to direct your print ads. It will also tell you what your customers want, to guide the direction that you take your print advertising and whom you aim it at.

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