How Do You Set Up A Google Business Page Properly?

By Sarah Smith

Creating a Google business listing is but one more step you can take to help promote your business. A Google local listing works much like adding your business card to a bulletin board. The listing is active at all times, and potential customers will find critical information about your business. The business card you create with Google will appear in several different places, and Google will use that information many of their own platforms. The information you are instructed to provide in this article will help you spread the name of your business throughout Google network of websites and platforms.

#1: Local Listings

Google Business Screen Shot

Google local listings are used to provide your address, phone number and website to all customers. Google uses your address and phone number to create a Google map listing, and that listing interacts with all the map users on Google. Your business will be listed on maps that are created as customers browse, and your business will be shown as a search result on Google. The address and phone number you provide will be used to make immediate calls or create directions to your location.

#2: How Do You Add Your Business Listing?

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You must sign up for a Google account that allows you access to their business listings page. The site tells you how to add business to Google pages instantly, and you can complete your listing in a matter of minutes. The business page is created once you have entered all your information, and you will see the fruits of your labour once you click the link to your business listing. You choose permissions for your information. You may make the information public or private, and Google will use your permissions to list your website accordingly. Potential customers will see your business listing in a variety of places, and you will have a permanent business card floating around the Internet.

#3: Why Create A Business Listing?

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Google is the largest and most powerful search engine in the world, and their services reach millions of people a day. The services use your business’ information to create maps and search engine results. Customer will find your business in a variety of ways on Google, and your business’ information will be ready to go when Google needs it.

Your competitors are using Google in the same way you are, and you must combat other businesses in your industry with information. A few lines of information in your Google business listing will help create something that customers can find every day without any trouble. Customers will latch on to anything they can find, and your business should be at the front of line when customers begin searching for a company that does what you do best.

You may direct customers to your business listings for directions, or you may use your business listing to create maps through Google that bring customers to your business. The use of Google to create business listings will help your business gain the online visibility it deserves.

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