75% of people prefer to buy cars completely online

An Accenture Survey has found that 75% of U.S. respondents would consider making car selection, price negotiation, financing, back office paperwork, and home delivery completely online. Additionally, there is no high-pressure environment where price negotiations will take place, rather the comfortability of the purchaser’s home or office… or any other place where the buyer feels comfortable and secure. And the buyer needs not drive anywhere.

With the aforementioned advantages and realities so clearly defined, it is no surprise to see and understand the allure of performing an Online Auto-Purchase. Furthermore, considering that consumers already perform a great percentage of their shopping online, including that of major appliances for home and office, why would purchasing an automobile on-line be any different?

The truth is that there is no real difference except the size of the purchase. Additionally, one may even deduct that it may even be more efficient, convenient, and safer to “shop online” for a vehicle.

This type of transaction offers buyers a very smart way of avoiding stress, and getting what he/she really wants, without pressure, while opening up options in terms of variety, price, savings, quality and even quantity, when we talk in terms of pre-owned and auctioned vehicles.

And in turn, there appears also benefits for the online auto sellers and online auto auctioneers. They do not need to build expensive showrooms or service bays, and at the same time they may short down their staff and avoid extensive and expensive overhead. And by networking with other dealerships and creating a network of services, Cars-Liquidation.com and RepoKar.com are creating an even more modern and effective model aimed at revolutionizing the already growing Online Auto-Purchasing (online auto-buying) world.

Late model used cars had had a shortage in the market and were not doing well because of the slow recovering economy. However, now there appears to be a sharp increase in this sector. The industry is now selling about 17 million vehicles annually, therefore, the supply of those most attractive used-cars is building and prices are easing as explained by the President of the California New Car Dealers Association, Mr. Brian Maas.

Cars-Liquidation.com and RepoKar.com are at the vanguard of these events and considering what is a known fact: that more consumers will continue to gravitate towards online buying, added to the advantages of networking, active social media presence, efficient and solvent purchasing methods, as well as responsive Customer Service, it is no wonder to witness their growth in the world of Online Auto Sales.

Added to all the aforementioned it should be a valuable addendum to indicate that both Cars-Liquidation.com as well as RepoKar.com are getting ready to unveil their project of a new way of Leasing Automobiles via online, also.

The future is getting brighter, indeed.

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