Only 40% of Consumers Trust Brands That Don’t Translate

Only 40% of consumers trust companies that fail to translate their websites, applications and products. This, according to a survey conducted by OHT-Enterprise, a One Hour Translation (the world’s largest online translation agency) company.

The survey, conducted in May 2015, was jointly carried out with Google Consumer Surveys based on a representative sample of 800 respondents – 100 each from the US, the UK, Australia, French speaking Canada, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Japan.

Across all countries only 40% responded that they “completely” or “to some extent” trust companies that fail to translate their consumer offerings with 28% answering that they don’t trust them “to some extent” or “at all”.

The least trusting countries are the USA where only 17% of consumers indicated trust and Japan with a 19% trust rating. Conversely, in Italy, 62% of respondents indicated they still trust companies who fail to localize their offerings.

The full results in response to the question “Do you trust companies that do not translate their offerings (website, apps, products etc.) to your native language?” are as follows:

  • USA (Complete trust 7%, Trust to some extent 10%, Neutral 42%, Distrust to some extent 31%, No trust 10%)
  • Canada (Complete trust 20%, Trust to some extent 30%, Neutral 35%, Distrust to some extent 12%, No trust 3%)
  • UK (Complete trust 7%, Trust to some extent 26%, Neutral 28%, Distrust to some extent 23%, No trust 16%)
  • Australia (Complete trust 11%, Trust to some extent 20%, Neutral 40%, Distrust to some extent 22%, No trust 7%)
  • Germany (Complete trust 14%, Trust to some extent 41%, Neutral 20%, Distrust to some extent 21%, No trust 4%)
  • Italy (Complete trust 37%, Trust to some extent 25%, Neutral 24%, Distrust to some extent 9%, No trust 5%)
  • Netherlands (Complete trust 17%, Trust to some extent 37%, Neutral 31%, Distrust to some extent 10%, No trust 5%)
  • Japan (Complete trust 3%, Trust to some extent 16%, Neutral 36%, Distrust to some extent 38%, No trust 7%)

“Building trust in a company brand is an essential part of creating a loyal customer base and ultimately growing sales”, said Ofer Shoshan, CEO of One Hour Translation. “With new tools on the market making it quick and easy to localize company offerings, this is a quick and easy way for business to increase trust levels with potential new customers”.

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