Crave launches world’s first tablet designed specifically for hotels

Crave Interactive Ltd, the leading supplier of in-room tablets and mobile Apps to high quality hotels, today announces the launch of Crave Tablet, the world’s first tablet designed specifically for use in a hotel room.

Crave Tablet is a sleek, high quality, super fast 10 inch tablet, with a quad core processor and HD IPS 1280 x 800 screen. It is pre-loaded with Crave OS, Crave’s proprietary operating system designed for hospitality. There is no camera, HDMI or external storage capability. The software and guest data is secure with the system automatically refreshed for each new guest. Silent remote software updates combined with Crave OS tools mean the tablet can be fully supported without the need to enter the guest room. A range of quality cases compliment the solution along with a physical security option.

Working directly with its manufacturing partner to achieve the right specification at highly competitive prices, Crave Tablet is being launched at just £199 / US$299.

“Our experience with hotel tablets has enabled us to create a tablet specifically designed for use in a hotel room with the required features highly specified, and those that aren’t, like a camera, removed,” said Gareth Hughes, Crave’s CEO. “Crave Tablet is available at a price that is less than the cost of a single room night in many hotels – with an increasing number of quality hotels choosing to deploy tablets, we are confident that the launch of the Crave Tablet will help drive the rate of adoption within hotels and further enhance Crave’s position as a leading innovator in hotel guest solutions.”

Crave’s in-room tablet solutions are highly popular with guests, with an average of approximately 50 page views per room night. The operation and marketing benefits to hotels far outweigh the cost, and allow hotels to dispense with paper directories, marketing materials and communication letters.

About Crave

Formed in 2009, UK based Crave Interactive Ltd is a leading developer of guest facing hotel tablets and App solutions, helping hotels provide great service via in-room tablets and guest owned devices.

Crave is the European market leader and its products and services are available worldwide.

Crave’s services are powered by Crave Cloud, a sophisticated proprietary software platform that delivers great guest services via any device. To date over 950,000 items have been ordered via Crave Cloud.

Crave in-room tablets and Apps provide a full range of guest services in sleek and stylish manner that is highly appreciated by guests. Crave solutions can replace paper Directories, and increase revenues of in-house services, such as Spa treatments, restaurant bookings and merchandise sales. Nearly all guests engage with Crave in-room tablets viewing an average of approximately 50 pages per guest night.


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