Chip and PIN Payment Technology Now Secures Online Transactions

At CES 2016 — uQontrol, Inc. is unveiling Qkey, the first chip and PIN device for securing online payments utilizing the same security chip used on the new payment cards.  While Qkey patent pending technology emulates the trusted chip and PIN payment card, the one-click smart login technology eliminates the need to enter hard-to-remember passwords.

“Virtual security has proven that without physical involvement by the consumer we just cannot be protected the way we need or deserve. uQontrol sees a world without passwords and a world where online payments look more like in-store payments,” said Christopher Maus, CEO of uQontrol.  Now, with a single click consumers can shop without typing in URLs, entering passwords, filling out forms or entering credit card numbers, reducing vulnerable points used by hackers to steal personal information.

With the Qkey “smart login” users can also store favorite websites, shipping information, and other sensitive data, reducing the need for re-typing in information for online transactions. uQontrol also took a page from the mobile design playbook and created Qkey one-click navigation for a more natural, frictionless experience. With the Qkey “smart wallet”, users carry and store their payment cards and other sensitive information securely in their pocket—off the PC, off the browser, and out of the cloud.  uQontrol is dedicated to consumer security and is creating an ever expanding suite of features providing an even smarter, safer, and more natural online experience. uQontrol will soon be making our Software Development Kits (SDK) available for app developers. Qkey is currently in Beta testing and will be available to the public in Q2 of this year.

About uQontrol

uQontrol, Inc. developed Qkey, the first chip and PIN Payment platform for storing payment cards and securing ecommerce transactions. Qkey is significantly expanding online security while improving the user experience by emulating the new chip and PIN payment cards used for purchases at brick and mortar stores. The Qkey provides a more natural experience both for making payments and instant web account login with one-click smart login technology replacing the need for hard-to-remember passwords.

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