The Idea in You

Book Cover - The Idea in YouThe other day I heard the authors of this book, The Idea in You, on a radio phone-in on LBC. They were providing an hour-long advice programme for would-be business owners – people who were thinking of going into business on their own. As I listened to the programme it became apparent that the authors clearly knew their stuff – so much so when I arrived home after my drive I went straight to Amazon for their book…!

This book will really focus your mind. It takes you from the process of finding an idea, right through to developing and launching it. The book takes a very practical approach, but at the same time allows you to explore your own thoughts and feelings about starting a new business. It is written in a down-to-earth way, and sounds very much like the two guys I heard on the radio. You can “hear” them coming through the text.

This not like other “how to start a business” books because it is much more focused on you as an individual and how you can develop your ideas and benefit from them. Anyone with a basic idea, or wanting to come up with a new business notion, ought to get this book.