Girl Scouts Now Can Earn Cybersecurity Badges

Girl Scouts are trading cookies for computers, as the organization has added cybersecurity to the list of badges available for youngsters to earn. From September 2018, children as young as 5 will be able to qualify for a cybersecurity badge in a program intended to...

How close are we to the Internet of Everything?

By Henri Pearson It’s a little difficult for us to imagine at this stage: a connected world where everything has the potential to operate online, even your clothes; as difficult, perhaps, as the original concept of the internet was to those who lived before it was...

Will Google Glasses be the Next Big Craze?

By Susan Varano Google Project Glass first started testing their eye-wear product in April 2012, however, the launch date has been pushed further and further back. According to The Verge, the new product is due for release for developers sometime around the end 2013,...
Call Graham Jones Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist

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