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Broadband Growth Fastest in Five Years

Broadband and IPTV growth spiked to a high in 2011 with rates higher than at any time in the last five years, according to year-end figures published by the Broadband Forum

Is Your Child a Gadget Geek, Entertainer or Socialite?

British children divide into three main behavioural types determined by their online activities – Gadget Geeks, Confident Entertainers, or Socialites, according to new research into how under-18s use the internet

Plusnet Reveals Smart Internet Will Help Manage Homes and Lives by 2027

Plusnet, the home phone and broadband specialist, has published a new report revealing that the Internet will become ubiquitous in many people’s lives, transforming the way people shop, eat and run their homes. The award-winning super-fast broadband [ ] provider renowned for bringing value to its customers, commissioned the research

Bedtime Social Networking Causes Sleep Deprivation Epidemic

Millions of Britons are losing valuable sleep each night because they are addicted to social networking according to findings from a new sleep report. Gone are the days when Britons liked nothing better then to be tucked up in bed with a mug of cocoa and a good book. In