To be featured in The People

The People – a major tabloid Sunday newspaper – is to feature me this coming weekend as part of a spread on “keeping up with the Joneses”. It’s about inflation and I was interviewed as an example of a successful Jones….!

On BBC News 24 this weekend

I’m on BBC News 24 throughout this weekend in their programme “Click“. The program is about the “cashless society” and I explain that we will never give up cash.

Spent the morning at BBC TV Centre

I spent this morning at the BBC TV Centre being interviewed for the programme “Click!”, which is the technology show that goes out at the weekends on News 24. It will be broadcast on 22nd and 23rd March and it’s all about the cashless society.

Appeared in Facebook book

Dennis Publishing has just produced “Facebook: The Complete Guide to Social Networking” in which yours truly features prominently on page 11 including a big picture of me…!

Back on the BBC again

BBC Radio has just interviewed me about the whole concept of “virtual assistants”. Nice little piece about getting your life organised by someone else!

PA Features just called

The features desk at The Press Association has just called. They are doing a feature for syndication to local newspapers throughout the UK on “Second Life” and they’ll be including comments from me on what the unreal world of Second Life means for us in the real world.

PR company calls for help

Interesting how things develop. The fact that I appear regularly in the media appears to have been spotted by at least one (very well known, international) PR company. They called today and asked me to be an independent spokesperson on a project they are doing. What they want to do … Read more