Services from Graham Jones

Services from Graham Jones

In addition to producing this website, article writing and authoring books, there are several other ways I help businesses succeed online.

I speak at conferences, seminars and corporate events. Find out more about my speaking services.

CEO and Executive Leadership Workshops
I run several different workshops for business leaders, all focused on improving a business through the online world and raising productivity and profits using the Internet. For more information on my workshops click here.

Companies often ask me to run in-house masterclasses or workshops for their staff to help update them on the latest trends in Internet usage or to help them work out how to exploit the Internet to maximise their business. I also run sessions for Company Boards, to help them see how the Internet can fit into their overall business plans. Find out more about my masterclasses.

A number of businesses mostly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) use my consultancy services to help them ensure they have an effective and engaging Internet presence which makes them a profit.

Several website owners and self-employed people use my coaching services to help them ensure they are on the right track with their web development plans and to help them get the most profit out of the Internet. Some individuals use my coaching services merely to help motivate them towards further online success.