You can find many Internet “gurus” who will tell you that you can make a small fortune from running adverts on your web site from Google. The system is called AdSense and Google pays you for every person who clicks on one of the adverts. You’ll find people who claim they make millions from sites that just contain Google AdSense adverts. You can get software that will construct thousands of web sites for you at a touch of a button. You then upload them and get them indexed by Google. When someone searches they find the web site has little real content and so they click on a suitable advert. Hey presto, you take some cash. There are millions of fairly useless web sites like this around. But a new report has come my way exposing a flaw in the Google AdSense system that makes “millions” for you out of advertising sites. Google changed the way advertisers can pay for their adverts a few months back and the result has been dwindling cheques for many people who rely on AdSense. If you were thinking of using AdSense in your web site, or if you already do, you need to read this report. It’s available free of charge from

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