Still, in spite of being around for ten years, people dismiss blogging as futile, unecessary or in some way “amateur”. Far from it – some of the most successful web sites in the world are based on blog technology. Amazon, the BBC and Facebook are all derivatives of blogging.

But if you ever wanted to see the true power and benefit of blogging, read this blog by BBC journalist Paul Clabburn. It is a moving, personal account that no doubt helped Paul come to terms with the most appalling tragedy – the sudden, unexpected death of his teenage son in his sleep. But more than that, it is a blog entry that will help every reader think about life – and death in a different way.

If blogs do nothing more than help us think, they have achieved a great deal. And as Paul’s story tells us, the Internet has enabled him to join a “club” that none of us would really like to be members of. If you read nothing else today, read this blog.


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