Blogging strikes it rich in Top 100 web site list

The Top 100 technology web sites in the world have been calculated by Techmeme, the industry’s news and information collector. Each day Techmeme collects news, blog items and other sources of information and publishes it all in one place, handy for those interested in technology.

Now, Techmeme has published its “Leaderboard” of the top 100 sources of information in the technology industry. Looking through the list you will see plenty of traditional news sources, such as the BBC, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. There are a few bloggers in the list as well, such as Andy Beal and Darren Rowse.

However, some commentators are saying that the list shows the decline of blogging since so few blogs are listed in the Top 100. However, this rather misses the point. What the Techmeme list shows us is the fact that the most highly rated sources of information are those sites which provide loads and loads of fresh content. Blogging is simply a means of adding content.

The reason why so few “bloggers” make it to the Top 100 is simply because so few bloggers are adding enough content for them to be on the “radar”. Places like the BBC or the New York Times are adding tens of thousands of words every day. If you want to be “up there” in the heady heights of the Top 100 web sites that’s what you are going to need to do.

However, what’s more important is to be in the Top 100 for your special niche. It may do your ego good to be in a general Top 100, but if you blog about mobile phone contracts, for instance, getting to the top for that specialist area would be relatively straightforward – providing your site is regularly updated with content.

What the Techmeme leaderboard tells us is that if you add content every day to your web site you will do well. Blogging helps you do that.

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