Internet connected wardrobe will prevent fashion errors

Imagine the scene – you are asked to a dinner party by an important client. You want to do well so you and your partner dress to impress. You both arrive at their home to discover your hosts are wearing the same clothes as you. Help!

Consider too the fact that you might visit a client or important contact three or four times over a couple of months. What if you wore the same jacket or shirt each time? Your client might think you only have one set of good clothes.

Luckily researchers in Australia have come up with an electronic wardrobe that will avoid such difficulties. Essentially, the wardrobe will be connected with your diary so that you avoid wearing the same clothes in succession to visit the same people. It could also ensure you don’t wear the same clothes as your host by checking online with their wardrobe first to find out what they will be wearing.

It may all sound far fetched but the technology to enable this is already with us. Clothes just need RFID chips in them, your wardrobe then needs a detector to monitor them. Just link that to a PC on yoru wardrobe door, give it an Internet connection and the rest is just down to a couple of bits of software.

What this electronic wardrobe idea tells us is the fact that some seemingly far fetched ideas are feasible now. Who’d have thought that the social problems that may be down to the clothes we wear could be solved by a microchip in your wardrobe? But it will extend beyond that. Imagine you are off to a wedding – it’s in your diary but you don’t know what to wear. Well your wardrobe can check the colour scheme of the wedding via the bride’s planning web site. Then your Internet connected wardrobe will search the online shops and come up with the cheapest items that are in your size and are in stock. It will also mix and match to your existing clothes, ensuring your outfit looks good with the lowest possible expense. This combination of wardrobe and online shopping is perfectly possible right now.

The way we all live is destined for change – and quickly. Don’t let your views of the Internet and its capabilities be restricted. If you do and you run an online business you will be left behind. Imagine the fashion stores that don’t implement connections with online wardrobes; their sales will plummet. If something happens in your industry that seems rather far fetched, it’s actually probably a good idea to start planning how you would use it. After all, new Internet based technologies have always arrived faster than we ever thought possible.

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