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I received an email yesterday from a contact who had pondered long and hard about business success, online and offline. She had come to the conclusion that the “secret” to success was the ability to produce “killer” copy – text that absolutely persuades and convinces people that you are right, that your product or service is a “must have” and that buying now is the only option. Copy that persuades people to do just that, said my friend, is the difference between people who really make it big. Indeed, I was at a seminar in the USA run by information marketing guru Fred Gleeck who said that if you only learned one skill for making money online, that skill should be copywriting. So, there seems to be agreement that copywriting is a key skill. Now, if you want your web sites to zing with fantastic copy and you can’t write it, you’ll need to pay someone. But the top copywriters who’ll charge you £10,000 or more for a single sales page. If you don’t have that kind of cash, what can you do. I had the same thought the other day and coincidentally was looking around a bookshop when I found “Killer Web Content” by Gerry McGovern.

Killer Web Content 1

This is a brilliant book. For anyone who wants to write their own web copy, the guidance in this book is essential. It’s written in a no-nonsense, practical way with plenty of tips and ideas. There are worked examples which help you understand things and see ideas in practice as well. If you want to succeed online, then this book is essential reading.

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