Most internet marketing books are garbage

Internet marketing experts abound on the web. Everywhere you look there is plenty of advice. Indeed, much of the money made online is on products telling you how to make money online.

One of the reasons this happens is that businesses wishing to increase their online revenues buy a product, find it is rather poor and so look for a better alternative. This search continues until the business owners realise they are just buying one rubbish product after another.

Yesterday, for instance, I was offered “an amazing” audio product on making money from blogging. Apparently the interviewee was a real expert on blogging. However, before parting with my cash I decided to look at this “expert’s” blog. The so-called expert had a page that was text only, no design whatsoever, just plain text. Finding anything on the page was impossible. My son (who is seven years old) has a web site and I suspect he knows more about blogging than this so-called expert. I guessed that the audio product I was offered would be of little, if any, value. Another one of the garbage products that litter the Internet.

Consider for a moment two big brand companies that are suffering currently. Mattel has decided to withdraw 18 million toys worldwide because of safety issues. Nokia has also withdrawn 46 million mobile phone batteries due to safety issues.

In both of these cases quality control systems clearly failed in some way. The risks to children and mobile phone users are actually only quite small, but the reduction in quality for brands that have been built on a quality theme is more important. Both Mattel and Nokia know the same thing about their customers – they demand high quality products and services.

In fact, that’s a characteristic of your customers as well. We all want the highest possible quality we can get. Most of the Internet marketing pedlars don’t appear to know this. They chuck together a product, or cobble it together from free articles and “private label” materials. The result is poor quality products. Just take a look at the design (OK – lack of design) of most ebooks and you will see what I mean.

Your customers demand high quality, just like the customers of Mattel and Nokia. Your products and services need to provide the high level of quality your customers demand. But if you seek perfection, you will never get your product out. So striking a balance is essential. But if you get that balance wrong, like Mattel and Nokia, you need to act quickly to restore confidence in your company’s products and services.

Don’t follow the apparent advice of Internet marketing “experts” of just chucking together any old product. Strive for quality and you will succeed.

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