People want to connect with an expert

Anyone reading your web site wants to believe that they have connected with the “experts”. They want to be reassured they are dealing with people who really know their stuff and that they are not in touch with some fake.

For this reason you need to establish your expertise in several ways. Firstly, your site needs to look authoritative – clean design, single focus etc. Secondly you ought to find ways of establishing your expertise offline. That means people will associate your name with your topic, thus enhancing your reputation. When they come to view your web site they will know you are the expert.

The way I do this is with Expert Sources. Journalists looking for an expert to quote go to this web site to find someone. If you are listed there, you stand a chance of being quoted in several media outlets.

Today, for instance, you will find that I appear in The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail. I provided background for an article in The Sun and I have appeared on BBC Radio Five Live and on BBC Radio Two.

I say this, not to impress, but to point out how easy it is to get significant media coverage if you are willing to answer journalist’s questions and you get yourself listed as an expert, you too will find that this builds credibility for your web site.

And if you are worried about speaking to the media, get advice from my favourite experts. Either go to Media First or to Alan Stevens, the Media Coach.

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