Your entire house will soon be Internet connected

Home owners will soon be connecting all sorts of household objects to the Internet thanks to a decision by regulators. The decision means that manufacturers will be able to add wireless connectivity to without needing any special license. Licensing adds to the cost of manufacture, so the lack of this requirement means that manufacturers can add all sorts of connections for their equipment.

This will mean that before too long you will start getting Internet connectivity for a wide range of products. For instance, you will soon get digital cameras with high capacity hard disks and this Ultra Wide Band technology included. This means you’ll be able take pictures and then print them out on your wireless printer – even if that printer is in another part of the building. You could also transfer the pictures to your PC without being next to it or having to remove a memory card.

Other options might include the possibility to show movies being downloaded to your PC in the bedroom on your TV set in the lounge.

But whatever extra technologies decide to use UWB, it means that the way you use the Internet in your own home will change significantly in the next year or two. That also means there will be new opportunities for selling information online. If your business involves the delivery of information products via the Internet, the UWB technology means you will have new ways of getting your products to people.

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