Search Engine Marketing Can Waste Your Time

Many businesses want to get to the top of Google. They spend hours, days, weeks attempting it. They are competing against millions of other pages and will try any of the latest “tricks” to get an advantage on the other web sites listed by Google. Then Google changes the rules, or another search engine gains importance and everyone refocuses their efforts. Meanwhile, as these businesses work hard on trying to get search engine attention, their customers are going in different directions. Many companies are losing business because they are wasting their time trying to get good search engine rankings. Here’s something important: most of your customers will NOT have found you via Google or any other search engines. The vast majority of your business will have come from other routes. Very few companies generate all their income as a result of search engine marketing. True enough, a few do. But there are many more “poor” people trying to make a living online than there are truly successful Internet Entrepreneurs. What you need is a strategy to enable your firm’s use of the Internet to work for you – rather than against you. Focusing on search engine marketing is working against many organisations. So I’ve written a free report on Strategic Internet Marketing which you can get from

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