Online businesses that succeed aren’t always the best

Online business owners sometimes complain that their competitors are gaining more custom, yet their products and services are not as good. Indeed, that’s not a complaint restricted to online businesses. At a networking lunch the other day one business owner was complaining that his competition seemed to get more attention, more customers and more money, yet that company’s products and services were inferior to his own.

Being the best is not always equated with success, particularly in business. Yet many online entrepreneurs or would be online business owners I meet seem to be trying constantly to make their products and services “the best” in their field. Indeed, I met one chap recently who was still “tweaking” his web site and “after a year, it’s almost finished” he said proudly. That’s a year of missed sales, a year where his competition has stolen market share and a year of stress and frustration as he witnessed his competitors marching past him.

Successful businesses are frequently the most well known in their marketplace. The more people who know you, know what you do and know what you stand for, the more business you do. Simple. But how can online businesses become the best known in their particular niche or sector?

It’s all about “noise”; you just need more pages on the web that refer to you, link to you, and talk about you. You need to be in the business of creating page, after page, after page of good material that is about you, your business and your products and services. But the problem for many online businesses is how do they generate such material and distribute it. Luckily, there is a service that does both for you. It’s called Article Marketer and not only will they distribute information about your online business to millions of readers, they will also help you create the right material as well. Well worth looking into.

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