Blogging is dead, but bloggers are alive and kicking

Blogging is dead, it seems. Only last month I said that blogging is dying, but the latest view is that blogging is already dead. Interesting then, that all the discussion about whether blogging has had it’s day is taking place in blogs, of all places!

The debate has been kicked off by a blog posting in Wired Magazine. Apparently even “top bloggers” are giving up blogs in favour of social networking sites or micro-blogging services, such as Twitter.

Let’s look at some facts though, rather than get caught up in various bits of hype and counter-hype. True, the proportion of blogs that get updated is falling, but the number of blogs being created is still rising. In other words, the total number of blogs being updated now is at its highest ever level.

A second fact worth considering is that if you post an entry into Facebook that is still a “blog”. Just because you are not using a blogging services, such as Blogger or WordPress does not mean you are not blogging. All that blogging means is contributing to the Internet – and there are more people than ever before doing that day in, day out.

So to say that blogging has had its day, or that blogging is dead is nonsense. Anyone who tells you that blogging is a waste of time or effort simply doesn’t understand what blogging is. Blogs are merely web pages you create without the need for a web designer or developer. And you can do that via Blogger or Facebook or Twitter or Flickr – take your choice.

And if you don’t believe me, take a look at this report on the fact that blogging has become “mainstream”. More people are contributing and more people are reading than ever before. And that means there is a ready audience for your blog – if you write one…!

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