Positive people do best on the Internet

The other day I was at a meeting sitting near a family doctor. Up on the stage popped another doctor (and it wasn’t a medical meeting…!) who said he intended to make as many people as possible happy. Why? Because, he told us, that in his experience as a general practitioner, happy people don’t get ill. The doctor next to me said: “That’s so true.”

Now, I know this is not science, but it’s a strange coincidence. Two doctors who didn’t know each other, but both coming to the same conclusion from their experience with patients – happy people tend to be well. When you think about this, we should not be surprised; after all some people say they are “worried sick” about something, implying that worry alone can make you ill. I interviewed several cancer specialists some years ago and – independently of each other – they all told me one thing: those who survive cancer are usually those who are positive, happy and effectively say “naff off” to the cancer cells.

There is plenty of psychological research which confirms a strong link between a positive outlook, general happiness and what we might call “wellness”. So, what has all this to do with the Internet and making money online?

Well, over the past few years I have met several hundreds of people seeking their fortune online. Few have achieved it; most are still hoping that the Internet will provide them with the riches they dream for. But, reflecting upon many examples, I’ve come to a rather obvious conclusion. The positive, happy people with a bright outlook are the ones who have done well. The people who find things “difficult” online, or who say “I don’t get on with technology”, or who find it all rather time-consuming and tedious, are the people who have – let’s be honest – failed to achieve.

I know it’s not scientific, but rather like a family doctor, I have plenty of experience with people – in my case those trying to make money online. And in my experience, those who succeed are those who are bright, positive and happy. It seems that all you need for online success is a change in personal attitude. And there’s a bonus – your health will improve as well.

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