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Record High Street sales are a warning to internet marketers

Shoppers flocked to the sales in Britain yesterday in the hope of getting a bargain. Today, more retailers open their doors to a predicted stampede of bargain-hunters. What’s going on? Have people suddenly got loads of money in their pockets in spite of the worst financial year on record? Are

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Face-to-face marketing is highly valuable for your online business

Customers like to look sales people in the eyes. They love to see if they are genuine, or if the sales person is trying to pull a fast one. Few major purchases are completed without personal contact. And even for small things, we often prefer to be physically connected to

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Squeeze pages are over-rated

Internet marketing gurus are fans of the “squeeze page”. This is a device where you are given some basic information and you are enticed into giving your email address to get the rest of the free material. You are then on a series of autoresponder email messages which eventually try

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Where do people actually buy your online products?

Where do your customers decide to buy something from your website? Do they decide to buy while surfing the web? Do they decide to buy while on a social network? Or do they decide to buy somewhere else? The location of the decision to purchase is an important consideration since

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Geeky web analytics really wastes time

Computer geeks love data. Analysing every last dot and comma of the numbers really excites these people; they want to know why they get such results and love to experiment to see if changes can be made. We need such individuals; without them the improvements we see every day on

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Swine flu website provides Internet marketing lesson

Worried people overwhelmed the UK’s Swine Flu website with a massive 9m people visiting in the first hour. The site was getting over 2,000 visitors per second at one point. Now, wouldn’t you like that kind of traffic? Whatever you think about the way the Government has handled the Swine

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Will woolworths do wonders?

Woolworths is back; it’s alive and trying to re-establish itself as an online store. But the question is, will it succeed? When the company collapsed and closed all its stores in January, 30,000 jobs went, as well as a High Street icon. The name, however, was bought by Shop Direct

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Freebies devalue your internet business

Internet marketers will often tell you that you have to give away bonus products to help sell items. Indeed as you trawl across the web looking for information it seems as though there is some kind of competition on between marketers to see just how many “bonus” products they can

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Affiliate marketing is a waste of time

Rosalind Gardner is an Internet legend. She has been making money – serious money – for almost ten years now, all based on selling other people’s products. Ros is one of the world’s leading “affiliate marketers” and there is little doubt she knows her stuff; she banks over $50,000 a

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How to ensure your web site makes money from offline marketing

Newspaper readers are often enticed by advertising offers which give them savings – “half price”, “two for one” and so on. Many advertisers now add their web site details to the advert. But they may as well not bother. Take adverts in yesterday’s “The Times”. Tesco was advertising “Joint Savings”

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Free of charge is the future for online business

People will not pay for the services you provide online. That’s the stark conclusion you could draw from a new survey which looked at whether or not people would subscribe to popular Internet services, such as YouTube, Wikipedia or the BBC iPlayer. The survey found that the vast majority of

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Don’t make people want your internet marketing products

Internet marketers want to sell their products now – not later. When someone lands on your sales page you want them to buy straight away. You don’t want them to think about it, go away and then never return to your site. New research from The University of Illinois reveals

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Get people talking about you – a surefire way to online success

Word of mouth marketing is so important there is even an association for it. You certainly want people talking about you and your business – but only if it is positive. Yet many online businesses struggle with getting people to mention them in the first place. If you don’t get

Internet marketing is not all it’s cracked up to be

Internet marketers could only be scratching the surface of what’s possible online. New data suggests that making money online is dependent more on what you do offline than how well you run your web site or optimize it for search. An analysis of money-making applications on Facebook shows that less

More evidence that online advertising is a waste of money

Last year, in the USA alone, advertisers “invested” some $21bn in online advertising. No wonder we are in an economic mess – most of that money is being thrown away since almost no-one is looking at online adverts. Banner advertising has long been known to attract few people; current click-through

Yet more evidence that businesses don’t understand the internet

Despite the fact that billions of pounds worth of business is done each year online, it’s still pretty apparent that many companies don’t exploit the Internet to make even more money. Indeed, a quarter of British companies don’t yet have a web site and now it seems that the FTSE100

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Internet marketing experts make huge mistake

Internet marketing “experts” are fond of telling us about certain “systems” that work. They show us page after page of PayPal histories confirming that they have been paid tons of money for their work. And they tell us – “it’s easy” – all you have to do is follow their

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Online seminars will make you more money than ebooks

People love buying things – or so we are led to believe. Current psychological thinking suggests that as we spend ever more isolated lives, going shopping plugs an emotional gap in our lives. Depression is known to lead to increased spending, for instance. Shopping and buying things helps us so