Squeeze pages are over-rated

Internet marketing gurus are fans of the “squeeze page”. This is a device where you are given some basic information and you are enticed into giving your email address to get the rest of the free material. You are then on a series of autoresponder email messages which eventually try … Read more

Will woolworths do wonders?

Woolworths is back; it’s alive and trying to re-establish itself as an online store. But the question is, will it succeed? When the company collapsed and closed all its stores in January, 30,000 jobs went, as well as a High Street icon. The name, however, was bought by Shop Direct … Read more

Internet marketing is not all it’s cracked up to be

Internet marketers could only be scratching the surface of what’s possible online. New data suggests that making money online is dependent more on what you do offline than how well you run your web site or optimize it for search. An analysis of money-making applications on Facebook shows that less … Read more

Larger numbers mean you will sell more

Researchers at Ohio State University have discovered that we just love big numbers. In fact, the bigger the better it seems. The study has important implications for anyone in business – particularly online where people are looking for the prices of your products and services rather keenly. Here’s what the … Read more