Internet Marketer Reveals Secrets for Attracting Clients Fast

Two key factors are causing what were once tried and true marketing methods to quickly lose their effectiveness. One factor is that people are becoming more spend-wise and less prone to hyped marketing strategies. They are seeking a more authentic message that answers a real need. The other factor is the exploding popularity of the online Social Networks. Most marketers have only been using them for a few months, and hardly anyone really understands the power of this new Internet trend.

Enter Julia Stege, an intuitive branding artist and tech-savvy marketing advisor who began her career 25 years ago on Madison Avenue, but left in search of a more authentic approach to marketing and life. Her company, Graphic Girlz Creative Marketing Solutions, based in the heart of Sonoma County, CA, uses the power of the Law of Attraction in combination with beautiful designs and smart Internet marketing techniques to help her customers attract their perfect customers authentically and quickly.

“The old marketing paradigm just doesn’t work anymore,” says Stege. “Marketers who are succeeding right now are flexible and ready for change. We are taking a totally ‘out of the box’ approach to marketing that incorporates metaphysical knowledge with stunning, effective designs, authentic heart-felt messages, and social networking know-how.”

What is the process? “A simple explanation for this methodology is three-fold”, points out Stege.

l. Take some time to focus on what you really love about your business, tap into your passion and clarify what your ideal business life looks like. Write down the details to begin bringing them into reality.

2. Create an authentic mission statement that reveals what you love about your business, what makes you unique, and how you are going to help your perfect customers.

3. Explore the social networks and see which ones attract you the most. Join your favorite ones and share your mission statement, inspiring items that reveal your personality and soul, and occasionally share invitations to your business oriented offerings.

To help conscious entrepreneurs begin to master her ‘out of the box’ marketing techniques, Stege is offering a free teleclass called “Client Attraction Breakthrough: How to Attract Clients Fast in Any Economy” on Wednesday, October 28th at 1pm pacific time. Here’s a link to learn more and register for the free class and receive the class podcast:

Also, you can become a fan of Client Attraction Breakthrough on Facebook by visiting

Julia Stege is an award-winning Graphic & Website Designer, Intuitive Branding Artist, Internet Marketing Consultant, Speaker and Strategic Attraction CoachTM. Julia founded Graphic Girlz Creative Marketing Solutions to help entrepreneurs attract their perfect customers through beautiful and effective marketing pieces combined with the powerful Law of Attraction. Julia has art directed such noted projects as Café Gratitude in the San Francisco Bay Area and Julia Butterfly Hill’s website for Circle of Life Foundation.

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