How to use Twitter for business

Twitter! It’s everywhere! Ever since Oprah talked about it, people can’t read the paper, go to a website, or even watch the evening news without being invited to follow them on Twitter. So why are so many businesses embracing Twitter?

We recently spoke with Steve Schwartz, the author of the How To Use Twitter for Business Video Series ( Steve told us, “It’s a shame how few business owners really understand the potential value of Twitter and other Social Media Networks like Facebook. They’re marketing to Gen X and Y who spend, on average, over 3 hours a day on the Internet and these Social Networks. Companies need to be on these Networks, and delivering their message in a way that is well received by the intended audience”.

Steve (who does online real estate video marketing ( for a living) says, “These potential clients, particularly Gen Y, do not want to be SOLD to. They want to be ENGAGED. It’s frustrating how many small business owners are quick to dismiss Twitter when it is the perfect media to Engage them.”

In speaking with Steve, it seems that the How To Use Twitter for Business Video Series ( happened accidentally. He was developing his ‘How to Use Twitter’ class (he conducts Technology and Social Media seminars around Charlotte, NC) and was working with some new screen capture software. The end result is what is seen in the video series.

Part of Steve’s philosophy on how he conducts his classes is to remember that most of his students are intimidated by technology. Furthermore, they are scared about how fast Social Networking sites like Twitter are changing the landscape of how they conduct their business. “I try very hard to make the students feel comfortable, and I don’t use lingo and terminology that is over the heads of those that are not tech savvy”, he says.

The first in the Twitter video series emphasizes “Listening first, and then Engaging”. Steve says that any business who gets on Twitter to just promote, promote, promote, will just irritate their intended audience. Part 2 teaches the user how to Engage, and Part 3 answers the question, “What in the heck do I Tweet about”.

Steve concludes, “Remember – Go gentle, let your personality come through, be friendly, Engage others, and occasionally remind them what you do. When the time comes to buy your product or employ your services, they’ll call!”

Steve Schwartz is a Real Estate Videographer and Photographer in Charlotte, NC ( who has been educating real estate agents about technology for almost 5 years. Follow him on Twitter by going to @Amazingvidtours (

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