Social Media Trends Are Shifting To Networks That Add Real Life Value

Recent social media trends are showing that social networks that add value in terms of real life activity and social interaction are becoming increasingly popular according to Punch Communications, a PR agency with a client list stretching to all corners of the globe.

The recent popularity of social networks such as Foursquare and Qype show that many users enjoy participating in communities that result in them having new experiences in real life, for example visiting new bars or restaurants.

Foursquare allows its users to let everyone else know what their favourite activities are in the major cities of the USA and now London, including the ability to become the virtual Mayor of a personal favourite venue if it is checked into by them often enough. Some venues are even offering prizes to the users who check in most frequently using the application. Users are also notified of a recommendation whenever they get near to a venue frequented by one of their contacts.

Social networks like Dopplr are popular due to their ability to map people’s social and geographical movements. Dopplr allows its users to log a planned trip, notifying them if their destinations co-inside with any of their contacts – a useful meet-up tool. Users can also get information on any new destinations that they haven’t visited before from their respective communities.

Managing Director of Punch Communications, Pete Goold, commented: “The fact that social media is now starting to have a very real effect on individuals activity outside the offline world shows just how far the phenomenon has come, and proves that the medium is having a positive impact upon users social lives.”