Announces a Free Lifetime Upgrade

Serious webmasters know that links are an important part of the search engine optimization process (SEO), and (LE) currently offers a FREE Lifetime Upgrade at their site which provides webmasters with an excellent software tool to help in collecting relevant links between websites 24/7. The Lifetime free upgrade is available for a limited time.

The site is run by Scot King, a software developer who co-developed LE in the language. It has been updated since 2006, and user feedback has made it into an excellent solution for finding link partners and exchanging links. LE gives members the ability to automate the link exchange process by not having to manually copy and paste linking code into html pages, upload those pages to a website server, and send emails to other potential link partners. These tedious chores are done automatically behind the scenes saving webmasters lots of time. Approving link requests are done by logging in and accepting or rejecting each request with a few clicks of the mouse. Each webmaster creates categories that are relevant to his/her specific niche, and members make link requests of other webmasters in related industries from within the directory. Anyone browsing an advanced website outside of LE can request a link through the custom form and have their link approved in seconds into the member’s directory without any manual work done by the member. Emails are sent to the member instantly when someone has used his/her link request form, and all the member has to do is review the posted links for appropriateness in the chosen category. Links can be edited for location or deleted from the directory.

It’s a very nifty and helpful seo software tool for any webmaster desiring more website traffic from potential customers who are using the search engines to find what they’re looking for. Search engines currently produce over 70% of all website traffic. There are some great features that come with the advanced membership. These include the ability to check all backlinks in seconds with just a few clicks. If any broken links are found, another few clicks will fire off emails to webmasters of these sites requesting that they repair the link or risk having their link deleted from the member’s directory. is a real time saver in this regard. There are many repetitive and tedious chores that have been eliminated with the advanced membership allowing webmasters to spend their time more efficiently.

The advanced membership seo software is unique in several regards to other similar products available online. This seo software uses a template page which can be any page from a website to create the custom link directory. The directory will “blend in” with any website and make it look as if it was part of the original website design. Most link directory programs which can be purchased on software sites come with canned templates and often do not blend well in terms of visual appeal. The software installation takes about 10-15 minutes with the easy step by step instructions. The site also has a free ebook download on search engine optimization techniques (SEO) located in the footer of the site. Additionally there is a support website where members can register and submit a support ticket for any installation issues. There are helpful videos and faq pages to assist even the most inexperienced webmaster with seo. Visit LE at to learn more and register your website.

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