Is Traditional Media Still Relevant In A Social Media World?

With the popularity of social media, many book authors, experts, speakers and companies interested in marketing, branding and book or personal publicity may wonder how the role of traditional media has changed and if exposure on radio and TV or in newspapers and magazines is still relevant. Traditional media packs a powerful, benefit-rich punch when you understand how to integrate your traditional media into your marketing, personal or corporate branding programs, platform building or book promotion strategies. Here are some of the benefits of traditional media to keep in mind as the interest in social media spikes:

1. Traditional Media Has Immediate Recognition and Credibility
Traditional media creates a comprehensive media outreach and helps position the expert and/or book author as an authority in their field who is knowledgeable, accomplished and understands the issues they are commenting on in a comprehensive manner as they relate to issues facing our society. The expert or book author is placed in the national conversation in a socially relevant way.

2. Supports the Social Media Concept
Securing media placements in traditional media gives the book author, personality or expert something to talk about via social media and allows them to use social media in a way that is not all about selling or offering special deals.

Traditional media gives the expert something to Tweet about. For instance, a personal finance and economy expert, who is about to go on national TV as a guest interviewee can tweet “Be sure to catch me on the national news today commenting on the future of the economy and its financial impact on the everyday family”. You are able to showcase your expertise using conversation and answering the Twitter question “what are you doing?” The TWEETER gets to reinforce their knowledge, wisdom and status as a national expert in a conversation, non sales manner. If the traditional media did not happen, this tweet and the buzz it would create, would not be possible.

3. Be Everywhere – Reach Millions – Diversified Audience
The idea is to be everywhere at all times as you don’t know where your next big opportunity is going to come from. You can reach a vast audience quickly and one that is paying attention (targeted) or they would not be reading, watching or listening to the article, TV or radio show.

4. Creates Thought Leader Status
Appearing on major media outlets gives you the ultimate competitive asset that allows you to out-perform and get an edge on your competitors. Experts who are considered leaders in their field are sought after and experience outstanding advantages in many areas.

5. Can Lead to Impressive Opportunities
The power of the traditional media includes the ability to leverage your media into major opportunities such as securing new clients, getting hired for lucrative speaking events, closing book deals as publishers want to land the influential personalities and experts in their field. Traditional media can also lead to ongoing columnist opportunities or regular guest spots on TV and Radio.


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