Make people want to buy from you

Making people buy from you online is harder to achieve than selling off line. When selling online it is often harder to find and engage objections, there’s no body language to pick up on and customer feedback sometimes doesn’t get through on time. Here are couple of tips to make people buy from you.

1. Offer multiple means to contact you – Selling online successfully is often the case of appearing available to people who are unsure and dealing with objections. The more types of communication means you are able to offer, the more this availability will help convince people of your service and products.

2. Lead with customer service – If you want people to buy from you, you will first have to make people trust you. Leading with customer service and successfully resolving possible issues has the potential to reach people who haven’t yet bought from you, but have heard of your customer service.

3. Appear honest and trustworthy – Online shoppers are very smart, if things are too good to be true, most will know they are. Look to describe your products as accurately as possible, encourage customer reviews and show both the glowing and the not so glowing reviews, and of course take feedback on the chin and react quickly.

4. Offer choice and ensure availability – People reaching your online store expect to find the perfect product for them and buy it then and there. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure you offer plenty of choice and that this choice is available to purchase. Plan well ahead and look for new trends. 

5. Always stay competitive – Smart shoppers go online to because of the choice, the ease of ordering and… the price. If you want people to buy from you, on top of ensuring choice and availability, the price must offer excellent value for money. Check your prices regularly to ensure you haven’t lost that competitive edge.

Article contributed by specs sellers Glasses Direct. The UK’s largest direct seller of prescription glasses and spectacles.

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  1. If you achieve no2 well enough, the price isn't always a factor. Percieved value is probably a more accurate term. Zappos showed this when they outsold Amazon some items that were more expensive.

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