Email Marketing Metrics Report Examines 900 Million Email Messages

Award winning email marketing service, MailerMailer, releases its tenth Email Marketing Metrics Report compiled from data from over 900 million messages. The free report covers benchmarks, the latest email trends and offers helpful tips.

Readers can expect to find valuable information about recent open rate trends based on industry and list size to see how they stack up. The online metrics report also provides many open and click rate boosting tips to aspiring and seasoned email marketers. This email marketing advice includes how to record your data for more in depth analysis, create a quality list, and much more.

Other interesting points in this report include:

  • Overall unique open rate has decreased to 11.2% over the past year
  • Open and click rates are the highest on Sundays
  • Subject lines of 35 characters or less tend to receive 52% higher open rates
  • Bounce rates can drop below 1% as mailing frequency increases
  • Personalized messages get about 7% higher open rates
  • 75.8% of total opens are expected in the first 24 hours

“Email marketing is a great business tool because of the ability to track your success,” say CEO Raj Khera. “This report gives professionals the information they need to gauge performance and determine what improvements will lead to better performing email campaigns.”

MailerMailer’s Email Marketing Metrics Report covers data from a variety of industries and three different list sizes during the course of last year. View the free report here: (

MailerMailer is a leading do-it-yourself email list management provider. Equipped with the latest email marketing technology, such as zip code radius targeting, image hosting, fetch HTML from website feature and an intuitive message editor, MailerMailer allows easy creation of professional email newsletters and campaigns. MailerMailer is part of a series of sites run by Khera Communications, which includes discussion group management tool, DiscussThis, and small business resource site, A free trial of this email marketing service is available at

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