Free SEO Report from Marketing Agency SMEketing

SMEketing, a leading Hampshire based digital marketing agency, is today launching an offer of a Free SEO Report to the first five qualified companies that apply. The non-automated report, which usually costs £160 will look at and analyse the current position of a website in the major search engines and will include suggestions of how to improve it over the short and long term.

The Free SEO Report will be split into three sections:

1. On-Page SEO Factors: Looking at the homepage, global navigation, category pages and content pages
2. Off-Page SEO Factors: Analysing the number of Indexed pages, inbound links, search engine inclusion and keyword ranking for 10 selected terms
3. Suggestions companies can undertake to improve the optimisation and performance of their website in the major search engines.

Commenting on the new offer, Victoria Walmsley, SMEketing Director said “Search engine optimisation is something that we feel very strongly about at SMEketing. We don’t just focus on rankings, but help organisation get more traffic and higher quality traffic. We then help them to improve their websites so that they can convert that traffic into sales. Website visitors that don’t covert aren’t worth much, so this is what we like to focus on once the initial SEO review and activities have been carried out. This Free SEO Report will give companies an understanding of their current online situation and will help them take actions to improve that position.”

To qualify for a Free SEO Report companies must employ five or more people and be based in the Hampshire area. To apply for the Free SEO Report, visit

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