Automated Marketing Tasks Leads to More Clients and Greater Sales

The best business marketing occurs continuously and automatically. Having a schedule and plan in place
helps, as does being able to automate marketing tasks so that they occur automatically for you. Mired down by the details, online business owners often push marketing to the side when business demands become too great and the client load becomes too heavy. It’s only when a business owner needs to replace income with new clients that marketing again becomes a focus for the business.

There are five marketing tasks that can be effectively automated in an online business.

The first, social networking, works best by taking a few minutes to link email marketing, blogging and social networking systems together and then pre-writing content to be uploaded and distributed over time to give the appearance of engagement in social networking. Secondly, social bookmarking, a method for people to share, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web resources, can be easily automated through the use of one of several free and fee-based services.

The third task, marketing planning, requires outlining all of the implementation steps as well as setting up an implementation plan. Now there is marketing software that will permit a business owner to set yearly income goals and then design a marketing plan to support those goals, as well as a step-by-step implementation plan, including all the tasks that must be completed and their their completion dates.

The fourth task, article publishing, can be completed by seeking out article submitter software, which will submit content to hundreds of article directories and publishers eager for new content. What used to take several hours can be reduced to 20 minutes or so when a system is designed. The fifth task, stay-in-touch emails, can be set up to go out automatically to anyone who joins a particular list. These emails, called sequential autoresponders, provide the perfect opportunity for business owners to automatically stay in touch with prospects for as long as a year after initial contact with prospects.

The more you can automate, the more your can accomplish, and the more clients and sales you can attract. For more information on the specific tools used to automate marketing tasks, enroll in the teleseminar, “Stop Obsessing About Your Online Marketing and Automate It: 7 Simple Marketing Tools That Will Help You Increase Your Visibility, Get More Clients, and Boost Your Bottom Line!: at (

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