PRWeb, the online news distribution service of Vocus (NASDAQ: VOCS), today announced a first-of-its-kind partnership with blogging application, Zemanta. Zemanta is a free content discovery tool that automatically recommends relevant content to bloggers, as they write posts and draft content.

“This is an efficient way to share news online with bloggers with interest in related content – it’s just-in-time communications,” said Boštjan Špeti, founder and director, Products. “PRWeb is our first newswire partner and we believe the agreement validates the value of our social network.”

The partnership with Zemanta provides PRWeb customers with a social media friendly way to get their news to bloggers. If a PRWeb customer’s news release is considered relevant by Zemanta’s recommendation engine, it will be suggested as related reading to bloggers using the application.

“We are providing a better way to connect our customers with the blogging community,” said Jiyan Wei, director of Product Management at PRWeb. “The Zemanta engine ensures that relevant customer content is provided to bloggers — who have opted to subscribe to Zemanta’s application. It’s both a savvy and friendly means to boost visibility for our customers in the social media space.”

PRWeb is the first newswire to partner with Zemanta. The partnership is indicative of PRWeb’s effort to continuously improve its service and delve deeper into the social media space. PRWeb was also first to integrate video with news releases, including those from YouTube, offer social bookmarking tools such as ShareThis, provide trackback URLs and enable customers to automatically synchronize their PRWeb distribution with their Twitter account.

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