Rod Sloane Releases New Sales and Marketing Alignment Video

Rod Sloane, the sales and marketing alignment expert, today announced that his new two minute and nine second video “Alignment” is now available on Rod Sloane’s You Tube Channel
Rod Sloane

“There is a lot of buzz at the moment about Sales and Marketing Alignment. A lack of sales and marketing alignment, has been given as the reason why so many sales guys never got anywhere near quota in 2009” said Rod Sloane. “But what is Sales and Marketing Alignment? Is it simply sophisticated lead generation, an excuse for a larger technology investment or a new way of banging sales and marketing heads together? This video cannot answer all those questions in just over two minutes. But it will get you started on the process.”

The video comes out in advance of Sloane’s new book “Alignment- The Secret to Getting your Sales and Marketing Teams Working Together” released in April 2010.

“2010 is the year for achieving alignment between marketing and sales departments and this video will give you some practical ideas,” said Rod Sloane. “We have put together a fun and valuable resource that all sales and marketing departments can use in house to start the dialogue about sales and marketing alignment. Not everybody will agree with this video, but that’s just what you need to get the conversation started. Remember, that the key viewer is your CEO.”

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