Launch Free Online Alexa Site Rank Checker Tool, a leading SEO firm based in the North West of England, have just launched a range of free SEO tools on their website which are available for any interested Internet user. One of which is their free Alexa Rank Checker.

Alexa is a website which helps to collect traffic information from users who install the Alexa toolbar onto their browser. A division of, Alexa is a key figure in helping to analyse web traffic behaviour and denotes an Alexa rank to websites accordingly based on user popularity and visits. Alexa only ranks top level domains and is an indicator of page popularity similar to that of Google’s PageRank ratings.

Alexa rankings can be useful in a search engine optimization campaign and help to denote how popular a client’s site is to its specific target market. For those looking to find out what their current Alexa rank is without downloading the Alexa toolbar, they can visit and enter their details into the free Alexa Site Rank Checker SEO tool. The Alexa rank will appear accordingly and can be a useful SEO stat to help direct any future campaign.

“We have a large number of free SEO tools available on our website which can help potential clients to analyse their website in its present form and show how effective their website is in the current market,” commented a spokesperson for “Your Alexa page rank can be just as important in a search engine optimization campaign as Google PageRank but people may not want to commit to download the Alexa toolbar just to get access to their current information. We can supply this information in a condensed, easy-to-use manner, free of charge at”

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