SEO Consult Stress The Need For Quality Copywriting In SEO Campaigns

SEO Consult, leading Search Engine Optimisation agency and TopSEOs number 1 UK SEO agency, have commented upon the importance of having quality content prioritised over quantity in order to promote businesses and organisations on the Internet as part of a successful website optimization campaign.

SEO Consult believe that even with the more technical aspects of SEO such as linking, traffic and ranking aside, quality content is still a necessity to undergo successful search engine optimisation. In terms of content, SEO Consult urges that quality undoubtedly carries more importance than quantity, as poor quality content can at best put potential customers off and at worst cause lasting damage to your online reputation.

For those embarking upon search engine optimisation, SEO Consult believe it is important to remember that the content on a website is mainly for the perusal of visitors, as these are the potential clients that will be investing time and money into any organisation’s services. Writing content solely for good search engine results causes a dilution of quality, thus making web copy, blogs and other website content solely quantity-based; particularly considering factors such as having a specific amount of keywords, and a desirable Google PageRank.

SEO Consult believe that this dangerous territory makes content become unreadable. Grammar and spelling no longer take priority, and content will become impossible for human readers to engage with. This kind of copywriting can even cause black-hat techniques to unwittingly emerge, such as keyword stuffing. For this reason, SEO Consult suggest that DIY search engine optimization copywriting is avoided.

“The purpose of content on a website is to engage readers, conveying a professional image of your company whilst passing on valuable information to existing customers and potential clients. We feel that this shouldn’t change just because you want to attract search engines too,” comments Matt Bullas, Managing Director of SEO Consult. “We recommend professional SEO Copywriting Services because it takes someone with specialist knowledge to find the right balance when creating compelling web copy which needs to appeal to Internet users and search engines. Here at SEO Consult, our copywriting team are dedicated to providing content which can assist with gaining our clients wider online visibility whilst remaining grounded to the essentials needed for quality writing.”

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