Search Engine Optimization Expert Heather Lloyd-Martin Launches SEO Copywriting Certificate Program

Heather Lloyd-Martin, CEO and President of SuccessWorks Search Marketing, Inc., (, and immediate past chair of the Direct Marketing Association’s Search Engine Marketing Council, announced the launch of the SuccessWorks SEO Copywriting Certificate Program ( The certificate program is designed to teach marketers, SEO companies, advertisers, small business owners and copywriters how to increase conversion rates, build community, and gain better search rankings through the power of content marketing.

Heather Lloyd-Martin says, “In today’s competitive marketplace, companies are searching for low-cost ways to develop the SEO skills they need to succeed. After over 12 years of teaching audiences around the world about SEO copywriting, I’m confident that my SEO Copywriting Certificate Program will help companies see greater revenue from their SEO campaigns.”

The SEO Copywriting Certificate Program is an online training program with unlimited access to eight lessons, available in PDF format, plus MP3 audio. The program is designed specifically to train in-house employees in 90 days or less. Participants will learn:

• How to research their competition and develop a content marketing SWOT analyis

• How to uncover their firm’s unique benefits and create hard-hitting benefit statements

• How to develop a compelling tone and feel that drives conversion rates

• How to find the right keyphrases for their campaign

• How to successfully integrate keyphrases into their Web copy

• How to create sizzling Titles that scream “click me” from the search engine results page

• Proven methods to analyze every page of a website for potential pitfalls

• New ways their company can leverage new and existing content

• And more!

Additionally, participates will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the 90-day program.

The investment for this program is minimal. Live conferences cost between $1,400 and $2,000. The SEO Copywriting Certificate Program is significantly less, only $599. Plus employees don’t have to miss work or spend company dollars on travel and hotel expenses.

Also, participants receive, at no additional charge:

• Access to six, 30-minute group conference calls (two per month) where Heather Lloyd-Martin answers questions and guides listeners through any challenges they face ($2,999 value)

• Exclusive admission to the members-only forum for 90 days ($90 value)

• Workbook lessons so they can practice what they’ve learned ($97 value)

Satisfied client Dan Walton of Studio Blue Pilates in Portland, OR says, “We were going to pay a firm over $5,000 to help us. Then, I met with Heather and she taught me how to write Web pages and research keyphrases for under $600. Within a matter of weeks I saw my client base increase by 20%! Heather is amazing at what she does. I’m forever grateful.”

Visit to learn more about SuccessWorks’ SEO Copywriting Certificate Program and view a video message from Heather Lloyd-Martin.

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