Search Engine Strategies (SES) Announces Advanced Programme for London 2010

Search Engine Strategies (SES) today announced the advanced programme for the 2010 SES London Conference & Expo. The programme has been designed specifically for people with a high level of skill and expertise in online marketing and advertising.

SES London 2010

Matt McGowan, Head of US and Publisher for Incisive Media’s Interactive Marketing Group, including Search Engine Strategies, Search Engine Watch and the ClickZ Network, said,

“There is a high number of attendees with very advanced skills in online marketing at SES expos. We need to ensure that these people maximize their time at SES London by identifying sessions designed to enhance their expertise. They will be attending sessions delivered by advanced marketers with content designed for experienced delegates with high levels of knowledge and understanding. People with a basic knowledge of online marketing and advertising should not attend these sessions.”

The advanced session’s schedule for SES London (16th-18th February 2010) includes the following tracks:

Day 1

  • Search a real time paradigm
  • This session looks at how Search engines and social networking sites strive to have the most up-to-date content on the web, indexed and ready for display to searchers.

  • Managing a global SEO campaign
  • This session tackles the key issues critical to successfully developing, optimizing, and managing the global campaigns that will meet those next generation marketing goals, without losing control or your mind.

  • Under the hood

Recruitment, gambling, retail and travel are commonly considered to be amongst the biggest and most competitive sectors on the Internet! In this session, join our expert speakers and take a look “under the hood” as they uncover some of the strategies, tactics, tools and techniques that they employ to stay ahead of their competition.

Day 3

  • Advanced paid search brain candy
  • This panel session covers campaign expansion techniques, advanced ad testing, advanced auction theory, the proper use of relevant analytics reports, ideas for bid rules and campaign automation, techniques for acting on seemingly inconclusive data, and more.

  • Search becomes the display OS

This session explores these leading edge ideas, technology and provides some early case studies the effectiveness of making Search the Operating System for Display.

  • Duplicate Content & Multiple Site Issues

This session looks at issues like syndicating content through RSS and feeds, running mirror sites and its possible negative effects, and maintain similar listings and explores solutions. 

  • Augmented Reality: It’s a Brave New World

User migration to a mobile environment is driven not only by information and communications requirements, but also a host of applications. App developers and experts explain how these apps hook users, demonstrate their rapid growth trajectory, and explore what might be in store for the future.

Further details of these sessions, including keynote presentations and the full programme can be found at More advanced marketers can attend sessions on search advertising tools, web analytics and advanced paid search tactics.

SES London is the leading UK event for education in interactive marketing. The SES Conference & Expo is designed to ensure that delegates are given the skills and knowledge to help them maximize search marketing for their business. It also provides a forum for delegates to communicate with the search engines themselves as well as connect with collegues and friends.

SES London will feature sessions that will help marketers at all levels of understanding to maximize success online – whether they are new to online marketing or have advanced skills and experience. Intermediate workshops and panel debates cover key applications such as video, podcasts and blogs as well as design and writing for search engines. More advanced marketers can attend sessions on search advertising tools, web analytics and advanced paid search tactics.

All sessions are uniquely ranked according to content and degree of understanding, making SES a crucial event for anyone interested in search marketing

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