SEO Consult Report On Google’s Early PageRank Toolbar Update

SEO Consult (, one of the premier search engine optimisation ( agencies in the United Kingdom, today comment on the surprising and unexpected update on Google’s PageRank toolbar.

Google Page Rank toolbar updates typically happen four times a year, and is a quarterly revision to help users quickly identify the page rank of the website they are currently viewing. The toolbar reading is a snapshot of current live ranking behaviour happening to the site you are currently viewing, and the toolbar is compatible on popular browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer. Results on the toolbar are measured from 0 to 10, with 10 being an indicator for the most popular web pages and 0 showing poor ranking behaviour.

There were questions as to whether Google would continue to update the Page Rank toolbar as the last update occurred later than usual, yet this earlier update indicates that Google are keeping faith with the technology leading into the New Year.

“It’s certainly surprising that Google have updated the PageRank toolbar earlier than usual, especially as most SEO ( companies close on 31st December,” said Matt Bullas, Managing Director of SEO Consult. “The PageRank toolbar is a handy piece of website optimisation ( equipment and can help clients and corporations alike to keep an eye on the current ranking trends of the website they are visiting. SEO Consult have noticed the update early, and always make a point of keeping a keen eye on updates in the industry whenever they occur.”

To find out more about SEO Consult, their free website analysis or any of their other services, please visit our website at SEO Consult ( or call 0845 205 0292.

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