Website Blueprint Gives Away Free Small Business Website Checklist

Website Blueprint ( is offering its popular “Small Business Website Checklist” free for a limited time. The checklist was created to help small business owners understand what is needed to create and maintain an online presence as a modern marketing tool.

The “Small Business Website Checklist” was created by Internet marketing columnist, Gregg Murray ( of Website Blueprint. Murray says; “There are two types of websites. Those that attract, persuade, and connect with customers… and those that don’t. If your website has just a few key elements, you’re on your way to having an online presence that will be a true online sales rep for your small business.”

Gregg Murray is an award-winning web marketing strategist, certified Internet marketing manager, and certified SEO (search engine optimization) expert. Murray’s website management strategies have helped clients generate over 25,000 new business leads and 30-million dollars in revenue. He currently manages Internet marketing and SEO strategies for websites and blogs in over 50 markets. From Charleston to Chattanooga, Dubois to Denver, Madison to Miami, and Lubbock to Las Vegas. Gregg’s work covers the essential elements of B2B and B2C online marketing; including SEO (search engine optimization), social media, email marketing, business blogging, web analytics, design, branding, promotion, and presentation.

You can get access to the “Small Business Website Checklist” at: (

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