Gist Brings Dynamic Social Profiles to Gmail

Gist, an online service that helps people build stronger professional relationships, today announced the release of an all-new extension for Firefox, which delivers the largest, most dynamic set of professional profiles available today to every Gmail user. Gist for Firefox puts the power of your network at your fingertips right in your Gmail inbox. The company also announced the upcoming availability of Gist for Google Chrome.

Gist is currently available as an iPhone and Android application, a web application, and as a plugin for several email clients including Outlook, Lotus Notes and Google Apps. The release of Gist for Firefox brings over 100 million existing social business and professional profiles to millions of Gmail users across the globe, and automatically creates a profile for any email address that hits a user’s Gmail inbox.

Now, Gmail users can get the latest contact details, work information, social network status updates and news for anyone in their inbox. This “at-a-glance” view provides everything from a picture of the sender to their latest updates from social networks like Twitter and Facebook. These timely and actionable updates are displayed seamlessly within the Gmail experience, allowing for richer, more meaningful interactions.

“Gist for Firefox greatly expands the number of places and ways users can access all the value that Gist provides,” said T.A. McCann, CEO of Gist. “Gist for Firefox works specifically for Gmail users and future releases will expand to other popular browsers and web applications so that you can literally get the Gist on anyone, anywhere you go on the web.”

Key Facts:

  • Social profiles are shown for anyone in the “To” or “CC” fields including multiple contacts at the same time.
  • Users can quickly switch between sending email, connecting on a social network, or even making a Skype call.
  • Additional information for each contact can be added directly into a Notes field.
  • Individuals can use it with both Gmail and Gmail for Business (Google Apps) accounts.
  • Requires setting up a free Gist account and downloading the Gist for Firefox browser extension.

The company also announced the upcoming release of Gist for Chrome. Chrome users will be able to get Gist within Gmail in the same way as Gist for Firefox – to help prepare for a meeting, make an introduction, or just find a better way to connect with others.

Gist constantly generates updates for individual and company profiles with the latest from social networks like Facebook and Twitter, over 20 million blogs, and over 60,000 news sources.

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