IFA industry starts to take social media seriously

A perfect storm coming that will create a golden age of opportunity for IFAs.

IFA Life, the social networking site for IFAs and financial planners confirms an amazing line up of expert speakers at its Internet marketing conference in London this week.

Keynote speakers from Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, Ecademy, the BBC, the Gate and BT Tradespace will be speaking alongside established IFA industry experts such as Nick Bamford of Informed Choice and Father of Life Planning George Kinder.

IFAs such as North Financial Management and Serenity Financial Planning who are already successfully using Social Media as part of their client communications will also be speaking at the event.

Founder of IFA Life Philip Calvert said today:

“There’s been a lot of buzz online about the potential for using social media within IFA firms, but to date there has not been an event which puts flesh on the bones.

“There’s a misconception that social media is all about marketing, but it goes a lot deeper than that. IFAs can use the technology to:

Listen to consumers and industry experts
Learn and share best practice
Search engine optimisation and attract website visitors
Thought leadership
Networking and building relationships
Building Brand loyalty and creating buzz
Customer service and answering questions
Promotion and sales
Building Community around your Brand”
Other topics of interest to IFAs that will be covered, include the future of hiring and recruitment, how to use the Internet for PR – and top Internet psychologist Graham Jones will reveal how smart financial brands are tapping into consumer behaviour online.

Philip Calvert concluded:

“This is the first of a series of social media in financial services events, and we’re very excited to have such a stellar line-up. The expertise is out there, with Internet professionals ready and willing to share their knowledge – IFAs have a fantastic opportunity to really get to grips with how the Internet can and will help their businesses.”

Tickets and availability at www.ifalife.com/socialmediaFS