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By TJ Philpott

When publishing a blog post you want it to be something that will spark a positive reaction from readers! Most popular blogs are able to capture the attention and interest of their visitors thereby compelling them to return hence their popularity! The question here is what it takes when writing content for your visitors to get them to return and gain their loyalty! The measure of any successful blog after all is the loyalty the readers have for the site itself and this starts with ‘enticing’ their return!

Here are 3 things you can do when writing content to make your posts something that tends to attract people!

Intriguing Beginning
Capture the interest of your reader immediately! Of course this has a lot to do with the topic you selected but word your opening in a way to perk their interest! In most cases when writing content your intention is to offer some type of information that is of benefit to viewers! The introduction of your post can immediately inform people of what they can expect in terms of benefits from reading your update! In this way you’re grabbing their attention which will help to keep then reading!

Remain Positive
Always focus on how attainable, realistic or simple your topic is in terms of how it may relate to readers. Negativity is one of the very best ways to drive people away! Maintaining a positive tone regardless of what you are posting helps keep people upbeat and is one of the best ways to build a strong following and successful blog! Think about it for a moment, what is the attraction of reading about negative issues, opinions or attitudes all the time, people want to be happy and not discouraged!

Motivating Ending
Remind people of the benefits they stand to gain or the ease of which they can accomplish what it was you presented to them! Always leave your readers smiling or feeling good about themselves, their possibilities or their situation! Everybody is always looking for encouragement of some sort so remember to always end your updates with an encouraging word! This is a great way to get folks to return and a tactic most popular blogs use to build their following!

Publishing a blog post should always be done with the intent of getting readers to return for more! Most popular blogs have a knack of posting updates their followers enjoy and/or benefit from which of course is the source of their popularity! Writing content that will achieve this however does not require any mystical talents or skills but rather appealing to people on a very basis level! The 3 suggestions discussed above focus on quickly getting to your point, which of course needs to be of interest and/or benefit to visitors! From there you simply want to keep it ‘upbeat’ and make others feel good about themselves or their circumstances since why else would they consider returning! By doing so readers will return giving you the loyal following needed to claim yours a successful blog! Writing content in this way will not only have a positive affect on the mindset of your visitors but most likely yours as well!

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