Do You Have to Fit a Certain Bill to Make it on the Web?

By Philip Rudy

The answer to this question is both “Yes” and “No.” It seems a little bit confusing at first, but with a little insight, you will begin to see why there are two answers to the question.

Many people get started on the Internet for many different reasons.

Perhaps you have recently lost your job, perhaps a friend got you into it, maybe you just flat out love the idea of making money on your own on the Internet, or maybe you are just looking for a part time gig to make a little extra cash? Whatever the reason is, you must know that just like the offline world, the online world carries an infinite amount of ways to make money.

Because of these many different ways to generate cash on the Internet, there are many different online personalities to be seen.

One time a friend of mine said to me, “I love the Internet, because people are totally different – on the Internet, everyone’s true self comes out.”

This statement couldn’t be truer. A lot of what can be said about yourself is done when you are in the privacy of your own home on the Internet. This is also why, to make it on the Internet, you absolutely have to have some key personality traits. These traits are essential; otherwise you might be better sticking to a 9-5 job.


#1 is Creativity

Creativity is often times a word that gets thrown around way to easily. What exactly does it mean to be creative? Creativeness comes from that special spot inside, where inspiration, motivation, vision, and determination all meet together to create something.

With creativity, you will be able to invent new ways to make money online just by inventing solutions to old problems, or by creating a window of information that people find useful or need on a daily basis. The more creative you are, the more likely you will be able to make money on the Internet. To separate yourself from the vast majority of people that are on the web you will have to be creative.


#2 Dedicated

The Internet gives people the opportunity to do what they love. This is why when you are trying to make money on the Internet you should definitely stick to what it is you are best at, and what it is that you love. Find that voice inside you that makes you absolutely want to keep working.

Sometimes however, just like the offline world, it is not possible to find that voice for the time being because you have to do whatever it is that is making you money. Many of the times the Internet can be a little drowsy. You may find yourself having to do freelancing work like graphic design, coding, or providing a  link building service. Dedication will help you get through your trying moments, and many of them will come when you are starting an Internet marketing company, and it will help you to finish what you started.


Many times, it becomes extremely easy to procrastinate when you are working online. This is because you set your own hours, you set your own rules, you are your own boss, and it is extremely easy to be distracted when you are at home and when you are working by yourself.

If you are the type of the person that has a hard time staying focused on one thing, then perhaps making money on the Internet is not for you.

These are really the only two tools that you absolutely must have if you want to be successful on the Internet. If I were to add one more thing on this list, I would say that you also would need to have the ability to sit down and really focus in front of your computer for a while. If you are the type of person that needs to be physically active, or needs to be working with a large group of people for the majority of the day, then the computer world is definitely not for you.

That being said, if you have the money, then everything you would ever want to do with your website could be outsourced, and it really isn’t absolutely necessary for you to be a gigantic computer person to make it on the web.



Do you need to fit a certain bill to be successful on the web? -Not necessarily. Many people on the web make it in many different ways.

All you have to do is be able to provide value to a certain amount of people. However you do that is up to you and it can be done 101 million different ways. However just like in most things in life, especially in business, you have to be creative, and you have to be dedicated.

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