Right Source Marketing Launches Content Marketing Service

Right Source Marketing, a marketing firm that delivers strategic consulting and interactive marketing services, today launched Content Magnet, a content marketing service that helps businesses plan, create and distribute content in order to improve the performance of all marketing initiatives.

Content marketing works because it ties several interactive marketing tactics together around a guiding strategy: using information to reach a new audience, draw that audience back, and convert members of that audience into qualified leads. Whether it’s social media, search engine optimization, or email marketing, content marketing is not a replacement for any other marketing tactic, but instead focuses on integrating and invigorating those tactics into a cohesive whole.

A study by King Fish Media found that 74% of marketers identified content marketing as a more effective ROI generator than traditional advertising. Yet content marketing is still relatively ill defined. Right Source Marketing is on a mission to change that.

“Content marketing is not a new concept. Most organizations are already doing the content part,” said Mike Sweeney, managing partner at Right Source Marketing. “What the average organization does not understand is the marketing part of the equation. Creating content is just a first step – proper planning, optimization, distribution and reporting sets Content Magnet apart.”

Right Source Marketing’s viewpoint is that the average organization should place a far greater emphasis on content marketing, due to its impact on all other marketing tactics and its ability to turn even non-marketing employees into marketing contributors.
“The days of marketing being contained within one department are over,” said Will Davis, managing partner at Right Source Marketing. “With the proliferation of social media usage and everyone’s ability to share content easily, everyone in an organization becomes a marketer. Everyone becomes a content creator. Everyone becomes a content distributor.”

Right Source Marketing has already implemented its Content Magnet service for a handful of clients, and the reception and results encouraged the firm to fast track the rollout of the service. For more information on Right Source Marketing and Content Magnet, explore the following:

  • View the Content Magnet on the Right Source Marketing Website
  • Read the Launch Blog Post on Marketing Trenches
  • Sign Up for the Right Source Marketing Webinar – “Magnetizing Your Content”

About Right Source Marketing
Right Source Marketing provides clients with a unique blend of strategic consulting and interactive marketing services. With offices in the Washington DC and Baltimore areas, the firm works with over 30 clients to create unique, effective and measurable solutions to each organization’s particular marketing challenges.

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