Press Release Distribution is Key Component of Effective Web Site Promotion and Internet Marketing

With new web sites popping up every day and the resulting competition it is becoming more and more difficult to get to the top of the search engines and stay there. To be successful Internet marketers need to utilize a wide range of Internet marketing strategies. An effective Internet marketing and web site promotion campaign is one that uses web content in various forms including blog articles, keyword article submission, e-mail and press release distribution.


Not only are these Internet marketing strategies low cost when compared to pay per click they generate long-term success and staying power in terms of page rank and inbound links. A well-written press release distributed via can bring in thousands of qualified visitors within a very short period of time. Press release distribution is an integral part of successful Internet marketing programs. Some web sites use press releases on a regular basis because they generate traffic and consequently more sales.


A well-written and successful press release does not try to sell a product or service but communicates newsworthy information that is relevant and informative to the reader. In fact, a press release that too closely resembles a sales letter is unlikely to get published.


By using a professional press release writing service with a track record of success webmasters can increase their chances of their press releases being picked up by media contacts and that can result in increased distribution.


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