Webhosting leaders 1&1 set to advertise on TV

This weekend sees the launch of a substantial new advertising campaign by 1&1 Internet Ltd., (www.1and1.co.uk), a global leader amongst Web hosting providers.  Aimed at small business owners, tradesmen, the self- employed, professionals and entrepreneurs who require a website on the Internet, the company offers 1&1 MyWebsite – an easy online application that creates an attractive and highly-tailored business website in minutes.

In its first UK TV spot, 1&1 explores how many types of busy UK business (from electricians to architects to play-groups) today need a website of which they can be proud.  The ad shows 1&1 MyWebsite in action – creating a professional-quality, feature packed website specially tailored to example businesses from the 120 industry sectors which it includes.  Many different types of hands are used to show just what light-work it is to create a website – in minutes.

1&1 is taking the bold and innovative step of utilising premium television slots to explore an important small business-specific issue.  The provider aims to reach out to the hundreds of thousands of UK business owners that nowadays could benefit from a website.  Whilst it is rare for business products and services to be advertised on prime-time TV, the vast number of enterprises seeking to leverage the Internet means that television is now a promising medium through which to access them.  1&1 believes that the ads will be an ideal way to inspire business owners at a convenient time when they are able to think creatively and about their business development.

Oliver Mauss, CEO 1&1 Internet Ltd., said “We appreciate that Britons running their own business, whatever size or type, have to work incredibly hard and are never really ‘off-duty’ – they are always considering how to improve things.  Our new TV campaign is designed to inspire them by showing just how quickly and easily MyWebsite can deliver a great looking, effective website”.

Until the end of 2011, 1&1’s MyWebsite campaign will involve TV ads in USA, UK, Spain, Germany, Austria and Poland and comprises a 35 million Euro investment.  The UK ads were created by the advertising agency Jung von Matt/Elbe GmbH, www.jvm.com, Hamburg, Germany.  Media buying for the UK has been provided by Mindshare, London, www.mindshare.co.uk.

Mauss added, “Our TV ad will raise awareness of the 1&1 brand and help to clearly position it as a solution-provider for small companies.  Business owners are not often presented with inspirational and tailored business products and services through mainstream TV.  We feel that now is the right time for TV to fulfill this function.  Importantly, we recognise the need to appeal directly to the many different industries – no matter what their business may be, we have a website for them.  1&1 MyWebsite is a very visual application and the ad certainly captures how a smart, bespoke website is a valuable asset well within reach”.

1&1 MyWebsite is now airing in the UK during prime-time ad breaks on channels including ITV1, Channel 4, Five, SKY1 and SKY News.

Since 2000, 1&1 has been at the forefront of promoting and driving the use of the web by UK small businesses.  As a global leader amongst web hosts, 1&1 is well placed to deliver a high quality service to its customers.  The company currently holds around 10 million customer contracts worldwide and manages over 11 million domain names.  For more information visit the website at www.1and1.co.uk

Webhosting leaders 1&1 set to advertise on TV 1

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