A 10 step plan to Increase the Productivity in your workplace

By Ami Hassall

As a manager or an employee of an internet business we all want to be as efficient as possible but we all know it might be a little hard to do. Sometimes you might actually find your work place is one of the least productive places to get work done. You may spend time researching tips to help you and your team become more efficient, but to take that hard work out your hands we have compiled a list of our top 10 steps to improve your productivity in the office.

1. Encourage your staff to organise
It may sound very simple, but if you planning your entire day ahead of time you can considerably increase your productivity of the day. By creating a realistic list of goals every morning you are able to plan exactly how to start achieving them. David Allen, writer of Getting Things Done, indicates assessing the optimum length of time you feel each task will require and then arranging it accordingly. To improve the efficiency in your work place, encourage the employees to create plans at the beginning of every day and suggest they break larger projects into more compact, more workable tasks.

2. Encourage an optimistic, social atmosphere
It sounds like a somewhat cliché, but happy employees do work harder. If you like your work and therefore are happy in your working atmosphere, you’ll probably become more focused and concentrated inside your role, so making your staff feel valued and a part of a group can boost their effectiveness and efficiency. Encourage worker interaction, offering praise when someone does well and giving elevated responsibility are key methods to enhance the satisfaction of your staff and therefore increase their productivity.

3. Maintain quality ventilation
A close, stuffy, hot office can result in tired employees who can’t think, can’t concentrate and, consequently, can’t work effectively. Graham Eagles, from Productivity Australia, states so good quality, air could make for a far greater working atmosphere which is “imperative” for companies to think about ventilation and also the building materials that they’re using, verifying the types of materials they use have “low emissions”.

4. Keep current with technology
It’s vital to keep an up to date understanding of recent and evolving technologies. As social networking keeps growing and developing, it’s important when increasing efficiency and it is critical your staff know just how to use it to benefit there working life. And, while printed information continues to have its place, within this digital age it’s great that we have the ability to access information and communicate faster than you ever have before.

5. Provide easy access to fresh water
It’s has been widely recorded that consuming water is essential in looking after yourself. However, if you lack the right amounts of fluids in your system you can massively reduce your productivity. Actually, one study demonstrated that 2-3% decrease in hydration levels will result in “reduced short-term memory, cognitive ability and decision-making abilities, elevated fatigue and significant drops in physical output”. This alarming study has shown how important it is to easily supply water to your staff and encourage them to drink water throughout the day.

6. Provide use of an array of snacks
Everybody knows how annoying and distracting hunger can get when you consider how long you have to wait until lunchtime, instead of focusing on your current job roles, productivity could be seriously affected. That is why it’s vital for companies to supply their staff with an array of readily available snacks. A shop or snack machines are perfect methods for supplying the employees with nutrition during the day, ensuring they aren’t depressed by hunger.

7. Make Time for a coffee
Besides the interruption and nice taste, a coffee break can offer a substantial mental boost, delivering a hit of caffeine that provides a number of cognitive benefits. Chris Chatham, writer of Caffeine: A User’s Help guide to Getting Brilliantly Wired, indicates that moderate doses of tea or coffee during the day can offer a increase in energy levels. Consequently, making these drinks readily available and open to staff might help their concentration levels and therefore increase their productivity.

8. Organise your everyday communication
Emails are frequently regarded as something we need to react to immediately. Many people are nearly hooked on awaiting and reacting to new messages and can stop anything they are presently doing to be able to achieve this. However, it’s normally not essential to constantly look at your emails and, rather, arranging time to periodically review and react to messages can curb distractions and enhance concentration.

9. Tidy away clutter
Being an employer, if this involves keeping staff desks tidy, the road between boss and mother is rather precarious. However, it’s been proven that clean, tidy desks promote a elevated productivity and may help enhance concentration. But, although some companies operate ‘lean’ conditions, where workers are banned by using publish-it notes or brining in personal photos, research has proven removing these components can hinder performance, individual touches can really increase productivity by 30%. Therefore it appears it’s about balance, encouraging your staff to have their desks tidy but additionally allow them to personalise their work area, creating an atmosphere they feel that they are truly comfortable in.

10. Create an uplifting music playlist
Unlike popular belief, working alone isn’t always the most efficient option. Rather, music could be a terrific way to enter into your work and may inspire creativeness. Recommending the employees bring earphones to listen is definitely an ideal method of getting around radio politics and may help your employees stop annoying everyone around them. Simply produce a playlist and connect!

About the Author:
Ami is a content writer on behalf of Express Vending, a vending machines supplier who delivers office refreshment solutions in the UK. More of her work can be found on the Express Vending Blog about different aspects of the coffee vending industry.

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