How to make a million online

At last, the blog post you have been waiting for – a complete guide to making a million pounds, dollars, euros, whatever, without having to do very much work. Just send me a pile of cash and I’ll give you my simple secret which allows you to make a million overnight. All you have to do is send me £97 right now and within the hour you can get my secret and you can use it to start generating a never-ending stream of income and you won’t even have to lift a finger once you know my secret. Interested…?

Or do you think something is “fishy” here? Is your “gut instinct” that I am peddling some kind of con? Does your head say “wow, that’s interesting” but your heart goes “nah, don’t touch it”?

Make money online

The web is littered with promises of making millions by tea-time or by having so much money coming in you won’t know what to do with it all. The secret, by the way, is to have a simple ebook which tells your customers to set up a website telling people how to make millions, which sells a “secret”, which is an ebook telling their customers how to set up a website to sell an ebook which has a “secret” which….you get my drift…! The promise of millions does work though – for the first person in the chain who sells millions of books to hapless individuals who think you can become rich without working for it. Inheritance is one thing, but if you want to create new wealth you have to work for it.

But you knew that didn’t you? In fact you don’t even have to think about it – you just “know”. There is plenty of psychological research confirming that our subconscious “gut instincts” are right far more than they are ever wrong. If you feel in you heart something isn’t right, then it almost certainly is not. No amount of analytical, logical effort will find otherwise.

Now, a new study on gut instinct and financial matters has just been completed by researchers at The University of Exeter. It shows that even if we are likely to financially benefit from something we are being offered we still defer to our heart rather than our head to make the ultimate decision. So, when you see those websites offering you the opportunity to become an instant millionaire you may think you’d like the money – logically who wouldn’t – but your heart tells you to forget it. Then your logical thinking goes, “hang on a minute, it might be true”, then your gut instinct pulls you back to reality.

What this research really tells you is the power of your subconscious brain and how your gut instinct and emotional parts of your brain can make better decisions than being logical. If you are in any doubt as to whether or not you should buy something from a website, trust your gut..!

Oh – and if you do want to be a millionaire, follow these simple steps:

  1. Ignore anything on the web that promises to give you the secret to making millions
  2. Have an original idea
  3. Work hard

That’s it. Simples.

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4 thoughts on “How to make a million online”

  1. Firstly I wanna thank Grahm for this insightful and informative article. In a general sense, people are more concerned about making money quickly without working hard. Yes, people are making thousands and millions of dollars by blogging. But, this is not an instant success. Getting inclined in making money online without hard work, patience and determination is just wasting time, for those people instead trying 10-4 job is better than creating a proper business model and being your own boss!!

  2. It’s funny isn’t it? I read another study the other day looking at how faces affect our financial decisions. The study suggested that we’re more likely to invest if the fund manager has an apparently trustworthy face than if they don’t. What’s even more remarkable is that this difference still existed even if people were told that the apparently trustworthy person was anything but.

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